Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Settle for a Slow Down

This song always made me think of unrequited love, but tonight as I bounded around the limits of Chrissy Field (my favorite part of my usual jogging route where the bay greets the Golden Gate Bridge) I suddenly was reminded of my parents. I ran away to California, and the entire last year has been focused on my strife in finding a dream job, mending a broken heart after my first real break up, developing my social circle in a brand new city and making my dreams a reality. For some time, I talked about moving back east, closer to home. I gave my parents the inkling that I was slowing down, only to finally settle in with a group of friends and to fall in love with The Bay.

I played a little bit of chicken with my parents, friends and family. Each time I presented them with the hint of a brake light, distraught and ready to return to something familiar, suddenly I recharged my batteries and sped off. I continued to scour the shores of California for the bread crumbs that will lead to fulfillment of my dreams.

I love country music because every song tugs right at some part of me- be it a broken heart, the butterflies over a new crush, the wild fire inside me ready to explode, or the nostalgia for barefoot days trotting through the fields flanking my childhood home. Or, in this case, it flooded me with thoughts of my family, and how fortunate I am to have a support group back home waiting to accept me the moment I should turn around.

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