Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flashing Lights

I've mentioned before that I'm a believer in fate- that things happen for a reason, and life is full of foreshadowing signs and omens. With that sentiment, I think the past few days were ablaze with flashing lights that something is coming.

To recap in brief (as possible...)

1. South America Trip: I'd assumed I'd make this trip alone since the likelihood of honing in on someone else open for the same adventure seemed improbable; however, Sunday I met the perfect travel budy: another young woman craving a trip not only nearly identical to what I've been plotting, but the timeline leading up to the alleged trip seems to be equally realistic for us both.

2. Visit with my Great Aunt: I've lived here for almost a year, well-knowing that my Great Aunt lived in the Bay area, yet I chose today to break the ice. There was no reason for my delay in calling her, but today I had the sudden urge to realize making this connection. My timing was impeccable- she'd just dropped her sister off at the airport after a week-long visit and was longing to have family in Bay area. While sharing family stories over snickerdoodles and iced tea, we uncovered a remarkable similarity between me and my second cousin (whom I've never met) that relates directly to my trip and career goals.

3. Encouragement: Previously I'd received a whirlwind of rebuttals to my plans to make a living as a writer/backpack through South America, but this week I've only received encouragement. Suddenly the gates of judgement seem to have lifted, and even my mom didn't relay a list of plausible risks when we last revisited the topic. I got support from my current boss that should I go through with taking a few months off, he would hire me back upon my return. (He admitted that he even anticipated since he hired me that I'd be making such a request.) The "could-have-been" employer not only supported the concept of the trip, but even encouraged me to expedite my plans.

4. Flurry of Employment Opportunities: There a few things in life that always come in packs: cigarettes, gum, potential suitors and job opportunities. Despite having been diligent in applications, resume construction and follow through for months in my pursuit, suddenly a myriad of interested employers have been hot on my trail. Since life decisions can never be made easily (God forbid the cosmos would ever permit reasonable intervals in between good opportunities), I predict more confusion to ensue.

5. Dave Eggers: My friend gave me a copy of What is the What by Dave Eggers after learning that I'm addicted to the thrill of swinging through literary jungles cascading acrross the pages of a good book. Today, my Great Aunt suggested seeking out Dave Eggers, a local writer with a creative writing workshop for San Francisco kids. For a few moments we stewed over why the name sounded familiar before concluding that he was the author of the book currently resting on my nightstand. (There's a little more substance to the significance of this omen, but I swore to refrain from writing about boys in my blog...though clearly, per this side note, I'm allowing allusions...)

Countless other "blinking lights" appeared this week, but providing an exhaustive list would be, well, exhausting. This synergy of events leads me to believe that something is surmounting from my belabored job search or the formulating work sabbatical in South America. Even my Great Aunt sensed the energy, and, unprompted, pronounced this belief. If an update doesn't peak through in the upcoming weeks, I'll either kick myself for jinxing my chances by blogging about this, or reject all my beliefs in fate (and most likely the former).

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Anonymous said...

"There a few things in life that always come in packs: cigarettes, gum, potential suitors and job opportunities."

What about Smirnoff Ice's?