Thursday, July 15, 2010

River of Dreams

While discussing the facets of my career dreams with my Great Aunt, she used the analogy of a river for how we move through life. I loved the analogy, and, while driving home, I began to wonder what type of river I want to be when I look back at the end of my life.

Some rivers are long. Some are short. Some cut through the earth deeply, altering the surrounding landscape forever. Others explode at the source and flood outward, expanding their banks exponentially at first, yet trickling out as they continue before reaching their final base. Like life, we all have a starting and an end point. No matter what, the course of everyone's river is unique, as they cut around fallen trees or rocks, overcome droughts, or tumble down steep edges as a waterfall...

If I stay where I am now, the current will continue to calmly carry me along. I'll easily flow around rocks and other objects, so as to not disrupt the steady flow. Eventually, when my source dries up, my trail will erode and disappear as peacefully and unpronounced as I'd flowed along. While I appreciate well-intended practical advice from loved ones or friends regarding my career choices, I'm not sure I can live my life not trying to overcome some obstacles, without ever veering off course, testing a steeper run and facing the potential to cascade down a drop off...
I am comfortable in my pace. It's relaxing; it's easy. What worries me is that if I don't shake things up now, I'll get too comfortable and fear of climbing out of my comfort zone will appear too daunting, or worse- these opportunities will have already gone by and I'll have no where to go but to continue on as I'd been.

(A little flash back to another young woman looking to the water ways to decide her future... )

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