The name No Left Turn was inspired by the urban planning of San Francisco. Though most of the city follows a modern grid plan, many streets vacillate between one-way and two-way traffic as the city adjusts to the steep hills. Not only are directional flows often disruptive, but No Left Turn signs litter the streets, extending what could be easy routes into logistical nightmares. 

One night in January 2010 I found myself driving in circles when trying to land near Union Square. Because many streets end or restrict left turns, I continuously failed to predict open or direct routes that would connect me to my destination. Frustrated, I parked several blocks away and decided to walk. 

It was then that I connected my career frustrations with San Francisco's unintended prohibition on left turns: Though I held good sales job, I found myself still yearning for a career requiring creativity and writing. I saw the direct route and continued to apply for it but always encountered road blocks that restricted me. 

No Left Turn documents my journey in following my dreams and navigating my way through life despite the challenges of restricted turns or oscillating traffic flow. These are my stories of growth as I adapt to realize my dreams.