Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And Now a More Positive Note

After logging a quick blog entry, I set out for an evening run in the cool, summer air. (It was one the rare clear nights where thundering blankets of fog didn't envelope the Golden Gate Bridge.) Running across the bridge had always been a feat of mine, and for some reason tonight, though it was already nearing dusk, my legs continued to carry me up the winding path that dumps pedestrians and bikers onto the sidewalk flanking the bridge traffic. I'd originally planned a quick 30-minute abbreviated lap around Crissy Field, but my legs kept going, and I trucked along to the beat of Steve Nick's Edge of Seventeen churning over the decisions I faced with my next career move.

I reached the end of the bridge on the Marin side and considered immediately turning around, but instead took a moment to admire the city skyline. Surrounded by the flicker of camera flashes from tourist's capturing the beauty of twinkling lights dotting the San Francisco panorama, I was refreshed to cherish the fact that I called this city home.

A friend of mine had written to me, after reading my blog, to tell me that he shared in my angst over defining his own career, but asked if I was enjoying life in San Francisco. I was startled that he questioned my contentment living here. The truth is, I spend so much time elaborating and reflecting on my quest to find a new job that I omit gushing over how much I love living here. Living in San Francisco feeds my soul, and every time I look at the peak of the Trans America building, gaze out onto the bay from the Golden Gate Bridge, pass through the cramped streets of China town or casually sample the variety of fresh fruit at the Farmer's Market, I am reminded of the how much the hub and spirit of this city embodies and empowers me.

This city is home, and even though I don't have the dream job, I have the dream city.
At the end of my 10-mile run, I had little more clarity on what I wanted to do, but I did, however, have a renewed appreciation for the affection this city gives me. While I continue to stew over what to do next, I at least am happy that I'm making this decision in San Francisco.

(I 'm also ready to sign up for a half marathon!)

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