Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pink Elephants, "Could-Have-Beens" & Restoration

There are certain moments when I know, even as they are happening, that I'll always remember- that recounting the event would be effortless as the murmur of surrounding voices and the permeating smells flood back as if replaying in front of me. This evening, I grabbed a drink and some ceviche with my "could-have-been" employer (the manager of the job I turned down) when one such unforgettable moment arose.

We ordered our cocktails and began the ritualistic waltz of the requisite small talk until we felt comfortable enough to breach the line of professional happy hour vs friends meeting for a drink. It wasn't long before the alcohol seeped in and the looming pink elephant in the room, the "why-did-you-really-turn-down-my-offer" question arose. I paused for a moment to asses what ramifications might exist. Though Sully wasn't going to be hiring me, nor did he appear to have any motive for exploiting my covert professional ambitions, elaborating on the short comings of his position against my ambitions was a bit like rejecting a guy after just a couple dates: though the courtship was brief, delivering dejected news is always unsettling. In any case, I conceded, and began to detail my dream job and my increasingly budding desire to take a few months off to backpack through South America (more on this in a separate entry). I even went so far as to weigh the pros (i.e. no better time than while young & no great job prospects on the horizon) and cons (i.e. zero financial stability or job when I return) of taking this sabbatical.

Though I've only met Sully a few times in person, I've each time marveled at his uncanny ability to build moments. (Even in contemplating the menu, he managed to evoke drama over the mystery of which dish he found most appealing.) He analyzed me for a moment before responding, and the ensuing words of wisdom he bestowed on me were the exact words I, at the time, imagined would hang with me for the rest of my life- one of the memorable moments I'd replay for years. His words surmounted in leaving me with goosebumps trickling down my spine and a sense of hope that had been slowly seeping from my body since I'd began job hunting months prior. I remember thinking, "these words will be ones that I'll look back on in 20 years and still remember", yet as soon as I said goodbye and hopped in my car, I couldn't remember what he said. Hours later, I still don't know what he told me, but I do remember the feeling of restoration I felt, and my sincere appreciation for a much-needed boost of hope and confidence in following my heart.

{{Side note: Joe Montana was having drinks with his wife at the table next to us!!}}

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