Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I love technology, and I love social media, so it does seem ironic that I have refused to even check out Twitter. I dismissed the site as another way for celebrities to permeate the world with banter about what they order at Starbucks or for their publicist to promulgate needless information about publicity stunts... (I know, I sound incredibly cynical.) I was aware that there were more influential and powerful figures that used Twitter to update and release information, however I still prefer the comforts of "old fashioned" outlets- online and TV when a newspaper is out of reach.

But last week, I struck a deal with a Twitter employee: I would sign up for Twitter and actively use the site in exchange for his purchase of a YAO Gala ticket. While perhaps it appears that prostituting out my patronage to Twitter (a free service) while he foots a $45 ticket to our fundraiser is an unfair exchange, I do want to point out that he did win the raffle that night and walked away with more than $100 of wine just for purchasing his ticket.

In any case, per the agreement made, I am now indulging in the strange world of abbreviated news and information. Come the conclusion of this accord, will I feel a wash of guilt and remorse for committing such an exchange, or will I have become entirely Twitterpated?

To learn more about Opportunity International, try clicking here. Or, while we're on the topic, check out my chapter on Twitter. First impressions of the site is that it could be come an addiction, however three rejections for updating my profile is creating some aversion.

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