Friday, November 19, 2010

There May Be a Storm 'a-Brewin

A few months ago, I had read an article about creating and upholding a quality blog in an issue of Writer’s Digest. The article emphasized the importance of retaining a thematic consistency in the content and a manageable frequency of postings. Warned the article, a blog that spans from politic advocacy to food interests to house hunting with too little frequency to build interest or too many postings to keep up with was a recipe for disaster. At the time when I read the article, I was stilled immersed in aggressive networking and my quest for a job, relaying my tales of success, leads and my bountiful failures in posts and just a dash of side tangents (an act permissible when done in moderation, according to WD).

Once I had closed in on t
he new job, I wondered how I would continue the theme of forging the path of my desired career now that I’d checked off the first box in my course of action. I wasn’t aspiring to return to the despair of a demoralizing job just for the sake of keeping in tune with the running theme of my blog posts, but I worried that maybe the few readers I had garnered would trail off as my adventures of the hunt came to an end. And even though most of my blog visitors are personal friends of family members that I surreptitiously entice to check it out my blog, having a few readers that occasionally leave feedback or spend some time on my site just makes me happy. (And according to Writer’s Digest, though I beg to differ, my personal blog qualifies me as a true, living, breathing writer.)

{{deep sigh}}

I’ve toyed around with topics to continue on with: my non-profit volunteer work, my budding post-college athletic career, things to do in San Francisco, my love life… but I’m not sure I want to focus in on any of those things. (And I’m wary to ever publicize anything about my boyfriend, though he is wonderful, for fear that I’ll transform this blog from the voice of a young woman to a watered-down Sex and the City or worse, a Nicholas Sparks novel knock-off.) But sometimes, even the things that you never expect to alter and dictate dreams or plans move in with sweeping currents and a fanciful under toe that cradles you and pulls you in a completely different direction…

And that I suppose is the beauty of being an adult: as a child, you are only subject the decisions and actions others m
ake. As an adult, you get to engage in which way to steer the boat when a storm approaches. And I guess, with a storm brewing on the horizon, I’ll soon be taking the wheel and decided whether to turn right, or turn left and such decisions will manage the direction of this blog.

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