Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Brief Reprise

My sabbatical from No Left Turn was a much needed one. Shortly after retiring, I finally secured a job that coddles my ambitions and furthers my passion for writing. (If I had not been emphatically taught that correlation does not prove causation, I likely would be wary to never blog again!) During the "off season," I took on a freelance writing gig as a travel writer for Examiner.com, fell in love with Twitter and moved into a new apartment by the beach in San Diego.

Life is... good.

Several times throughout the last three months, I'd frequented my own blog and considered posting; however, instead, I turned to the traditional comfort of a journal. Once again I armed myself with a pencil and scribbled away the woes and triumphs of my thoughts on faint lines streamed across the pages (perhaps consequence of spending my work days waltzing with a keyboard and mouse). But tonight, nestled with a glass of wine and an over-sized sweatshirt, an email from my dad inspired me to revisit my blog- if not permanently, then at least for tonight.

The email, titled "Spooky Dune" contained a draft of an adventure manuscript written by my 84-year-old grandmother. Originally she had intended to complete and present the story to my sister and me before we both reached puberty. Time passes too quickly, and only when she found herself with idle time after my grandpa passed away was she able to construct the story from start to finish.

A fan of my writing, and a supporter of my ambitions, she invited me to work with her, as her editor. Even though I'm sure she regrets the years that elapsed beyond her initial deadline, the opportunity to collaborate with my grandma is even more special.


Ellen said...

Nothing like a pair of genes!

Anonymous said...

shoot me an email...I've got a story for you...li.philip2@gmail.com