Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's a fairly common analogy to compare the process of interviewing to the process of dating. In both, two parties meet together to discuss views, interests and qualifications for a long-term partnership. Should the meeting go well, additional meetings are arranged to continue to investigate the potential for a relationship akin to that which both desire. If in the end if both find that the talents and skills on either end meet their needs, a relationship is established where the two continue to act in concert until cause for termination arises.

The similarities are infinite: beginning with having the proper chemistry (do you and your interviewer get along?) to physical appearance (any piercings, tattoos? tidy hair?) to the touchy subject of finances. Though most relationships don't require a signed contract prior to commencement, marriages are consummated with the exchanging of vows where each party commits to a doctrine of promises set to preserve their unity.

In the past few years, dating has become laborious, and sites like eHarmony and have sprung up to alleviate the hunt. Users create profiles to describe themselves and can search through various parameters to hone in on counterparts that possess those desired features. One party can reach out to the other allowing the second party to review and assess if their own needs could be fulfilled.

While online sites like Monster do share some similarities to the dating sites, the conversations tend to be one way. In this market, job openings appear to be like the "unattainable hottie" that appears on the dating site as if to taunt all those seeking. The "hottie" reviews innumerable responses yet rarely concedes to respond with minimal to any feedback. Yet despite a series of rejections, I trudge on, always battling the conflicting feelings of aspirations for the best, yet a sense of disparity that allows me to glance at the profiles beneath my set of standards.

As I gaze out into the stars, I wonder, will I ever find the job? And I whisper into the night sky,

{ "O job, job, wherefore art thou job?" }

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