Thursday, December 9, 2010

P.S. I LOVE this!

Working with a group of young woman is an entirely different world than working with men. At my last job, I was one of five woman in the office, and the only one who wasn't married with children. Since most of the co-workers I engaged with on a daily basis were men, my work relationships and conversations were starkly different from those I share now. Scattered around the conference room, the banter of sports scores and friendly trash talk pinged back and forth among my colleagues at my first job. Now, light conversations about clothing sales, bags and festive holidays parties flutter about the cubicles.

I enjoy a good conversation about great heals as much as I love pay homage to my favorite sports teams (Penn State, Eagles, Phillies) and trashing my most detested (Cowboys, Ohio State, Iowa). And while there are times I miss catching up on the wonderful world of sports with the guys, I welcome the acknowledgement of when I'm sporting a new pair of shoes or an adorable dress...

Since fashion and clothing is an every day topic, no good find or cool tip goes unnoticed, including one co-workers homemade vest. Yes, made from scratch. And though I have no way to gauge her crafting abilities, I'm more than cognizant of my own limits. (I learned my lesson last year when I tried to hand sew together my Smurfette costume for Halloween. Project Runway does entertain, but I'll have to remember to resist any inspiration it might provide...) However, the project for the homemade vest is surprisingly simple, directions found here on the PS I Made This blog.

The PS I Made This blog is unique and fun, but I don't think I'll be putting together any furry heals or square bags any time soon. But the vest (sans fur) might actually a rainy afternoon project I will toy with. Maybe the runway isn't as far out of reach...?

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