Monday, December 20, 2010


In life, there are many things and ways to feel love. While I lived in Spain, I loved sitting among classmates from all over the world learning together in a foreign language. Growing up, I loved that every fall Mom would fill the house with the rich spices and aromas of her homemade applesauce. I love finding the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one in a store after a long, arduous search. I love that next week I'll get to repeat the tradition of a slumber party with my little sister on Christmas eve. I have love for my friends, family, for reading, writing, sports and for San Francisco. But there are some loves that overpower us, and that lead us to change course in our lives. And when you find that love, it's impossible to resist, like a bug fatefully drawn to a bright light.

Writing about love is hard. I've tiptoed around the idea of really divulging what it is I feel, but this blog has transcended from just about the pursuit of a career into one about the pursuit of life, and what it is to be a young woman. And to omit love entirely would be a sin. But it is still hard. Love is so personal. Love is evolving, and love possesses a power that those who are not in love can not understand. And so, I've denied my ramblings and musings on how it feels to have fallen in love, yet it is embedded between the lines of all that I do each day, and all that I write. And so finally, I choke down my pride and expel the decadence I've so been longing to gush about.

I didn't write about love just to smear across my blog the effervescent sensation of happiness that has fizzled through me for the last several months, but to lead into something relevant: I am moving to San Diego because I am in love. Although practicality lands me here, love trumps practicality. Although my sense of security holds me here, love trumps security. And although I've fallen deeply in love with all of San Francisco, his love, it's deeper.

The adventure of life continues with a new chapter unfolding along the shores of San Diego.

"To live... To live will be an awfully big adventure."
- Peter Pan, Hook

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Bobkitten said...

Its not JUST a slumber party. Its an annual return to the inner child that still remains in both of us. Growing up has been fun, especially with you and Trip, and returning to that very young state of mind, even if just for a minute, makes it that much better.

Love you sister!