Sunday, May 23, 2010

Porcelain Throne- Literally.

So never did I fathom that I'd be compelled to gush about a bathroom. I think, if anything, I'd be reporting my disdain for filthy bathrooms along Polk St pubs on Yelp reviews, yet somehow through my adventures in San Francisco I landed in what had to be the Mona Lisa of all water closets- and in the least likely of locations! I popped into a copy store to send out a fax early Friday afternoon and was desperate for a bathroom. Normally I don't seek refuge in small businesses, but this was not normal circumstances. After pleading my case and ensuring that I was in fact going to patron the shop, I was admitted to the back where I stumbled through a dark, cluttered hall way to a narrow door. My fingers fumbled along the bathroom wall searching for the light. When I clicked on the light, I was amazed at what I found nestled the back of the hole-in-the-wall:

It's not a habit of mine to snap pictures of bathrooms, but consequence of my recent purchase of the Droid phone and my absolute astonishment of the art adorning the walls, the art-deco tiled walls and the ornate details on the sink, this warranted a photo.

After I spun around a few times, relishing in the beauty of this bathroom, yes, bathroom! I demanded details from the shop owner. He grinned and admitted that the bathroom actually belonged to an adjoining upscale bar, though he didn't mind the shared access.

Net value for the interior design: $60K.

There are endless hidden gems between the walls of this city. San Francisco, you never cease to amaze me.

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