Monday, May 10, 2010

jog and blog

I find my daily jogs around Chrissy Field to be therapeutic. I know that each day when I begin my ritual, lacing up my running shoes and plugging in my ear buds, at some point during my run I'll find inspiration for my blog or realization of whatever ailment had been clogging my thoughts.

Today I was just short of the end of Chrissy Field where I usually loop around to head back to my apartment when a sudden down pour tumbled from the sky. It'd been off an on rain storms all day, but I thought it was safe to jog when I saw the clouds had subsided and allowed the sun to peak out. I turned down another path, cutting short my usual route and tucked my iTouch into my pocket to prevent water damage. I quickened my pace, hoping to reduce the complete drenching, but just as quickly as it'd come on, the rain stopped giving way to the perfect arc of a rainbow. The complete prism of colors touched down into the bay just between Fisherman's Warf and Alcatraz. The vibrancy of the colors was so incredible, that both me and the girl that'd been running right in front of me stopped to just stare and inhale the beauty.

If ever there were a rainbow deserving of a pot of gold to greet it's ends, it was surely this one. As I continued, the scenary framing the rainbow changed, and continued to impress. When I approached the marina, the arc beamed behind the fragile white masts sashaying in the breeze. I believe that a good writer can usually describe an image as well as any picture can capture, but this was an image I wish I'd been able to capture.

...if only my iTouch had a camera.

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