Friday, March 26, 2010

Vote Yes or No: Are you bored?

If you're like a certain co-worker of mine (I won't name any names here...), focusing for 8-9 hours straight is a quite arduous task often requiring a comedic or entertaining break from the litany.

Voila! A new Web site is the answer (and question- ok, cheesy pun) to boredom:

My favorite from my quick peruse this morning: Do you purposely step on the cracks of the floor tiles to brake your mothers back?

I like that the site allows users to anonymously poll and answer with freedom to comment if desired. The quick and ever changing feeds track answers and I'm told that eventually the site will allow demographic information to be recorded, a way to extend the use of the site beyond just lighthearted relief from the daily grind. BUT- there is a catch: to see the poll results you have to answer the question! Brilliant, I say!

I actually learned about the site while sitting in the Starbucks on the corner of Third and Market in FiDi about two months ago. The creators of the site were sitting next to me discussing the site, and I'm a habitual eavesdropper, so I weighed in on their conversation. (It may be rude to listen to other people's conversations, but it's also a great way to meet new people or learn new things!)

And to my coworker that may very well be an example of undiagnosed ADHD, there is a question JUST for you:

Do you think that ADHD is just a diagnosis made up by doctors?

(Don't worry, I answered "No")

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Anonymous said...

I voted, "yes".