Sunday, May 13, 2012

In the Mood for the Era of Today

A friend of mine has upon several occasions posed the question, "If you could live it any other era, which would you choose?" At first, I thought I'd love to have lived during the 1930s-1940s, drawn to the feeling of sacrifice and unity endemic to the 'greatest generation,' the feminine and classic fashion, plus the ubiquitous swing music.

But despite the draws of music, fashion, and attitudes from yesteryear, women of that era were hardly encouraged or empowered the way women of today are. I'm far too opinionated and outspoken to have fit in with previous generations, and the thought of constantly discussing menus for parties or design ideas for place settings sounds drab and stale.

I do love cooking, baking and putting together a good spread for friends to enjoy, but it's only a small piece of me. And in fact, I'd much prefer eating a bland meal over an engaging conversation of world history or political debate than a delicious meal where conversation focuses solely on how tasty the food is and remarking over the beautiful place settings.

I don't have just one calling, and my self worth certainly isn't tied only to my recipe book. I find more joy in a Saturday morning batting practice with my boyfriend, than in friends complimenting my dinner; I feel more pride in recognition of my work or my blog, than being told my apartment looks like a page torn from a magazine; and I feel most fulfilled in securing sponsorship for a fundraiser than in scouring Pinterest for a new tablecloth to match a painting. 

There certainly is time in my life for the latter named activities, but I'm so glad that today that is not how my merit is judged - even if that means I find few opportunities for swing dancing.

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