Thursday, March 29, 2012

Winding Road for 20-somethings

A couple weeks ago, I joined my boyfriend’s family for a rainy weekend in Carmel to celebrate his mom’s birthday (two photos below). While out to lunch with his mom and sister, I expressed that I found my 20s to be incredibly more confusing than my college and teen years.

So far, my young adult years have felt much like trying to hack through an overgrown forest. While I might be improving at the method of dicing through thick vines and brush, I'm still not sure if I'm always going the right way, but it's almost even more frightening to contemplate turning around. Even now, finally in my career of choice and building up, I’m still torn on whether or not I’m spending my youth wisely.

Many career experts smartly advise 20-somethings to save diligently, store away cash in 401Ks and travel when your nest egg is stabilized. On the other hand, there are the countless blogs and articles written by former corporate execs or employees that have gone rogue and chosen a nomadic life or travel and freedom. Each one shares the pains of mourning the loss of their youth, spent pent up in a cubicle, churning along just to get ahead.

I have to admit, the appeal of growing my savings account is equaled by the appeal of filling my passport. It's hard to know which I should pursue more now, and which I put off for my 30s.

I know, I know… a rubric or road map for life just doesn’t exist. Life isn’t like school where answers are right or wrong. But I do want to end up somewhere, and I worry that without a define path, I’ll end up nowhere. Yet if I only barrel forward with my head down, I’ll wake up at 30 and wonder where my 20s went.

 “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” 
– Lewis Carroll

Our cottage in Carmel for the weekend!

View out from Mission Ranch

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Ronjini said...

You can do both. My personal strategy is to plan one trip to somewhere new every year. You can still save some money and see the world. We earn money to live the type of life we want, don't let money rule you. I definitely regret not traveling more already and I'm just barely 30. Think about it, if you get married and have kids, there is definitely a period of time where you're not going anywhere and your responsibilities take over your desires to do stuff. In the end it's just money and what is that compared to experiences that you can share with your friends, family and children in the future. I've never met someone that regretting traveling, rather than saving money. It's well worth it to try those things now when you're young than to becoming a slave to a desk. American culture is the only one out there that promotes this really bad habit of WORK first, LIFE second.