Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Fasnacht Day!

(Photo courtesy of a Facebook friend - Kristin Herr Shearer)

Two years ago, I partnered up with my cousin to start a joint food blog. The project tapered off as the excitement passed, I engulfed myself with my personal blog and we both pursued diverging paths for love. Anyway, one of my measly two posts was dedicated to a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition that I mourn each year: Fasnacht Day. 

Fasnacht Day is the day preceding Ash Wednesday when Pennsylvanians enjoy a flaky, powdery donut filled with molasses. Sadly, this tradition never ventured west and most Californians are unfamiliar with both the word and the tradition. For years, the Fasnacht was my "go-to" for one last hurrah before a long period of intense chocolate cravings and lustful stares at desserts. These days, I'm still scrounging to find an West Coast variation worthy of taking its place. 

(You can read my post on Fasnacht here.) 

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