Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

A special surprise greeted me this afternoon in my mailbox: this card from my friend Brittney!

"Time to get home, kids.
I don't know what you were doing hiding
under those bushes. And wearing all that
outrageous makeup! Wait until your
father hears about this!"

I love receiving cards, and my friend Brittney always does a wonderful job finding timely, witty and lovely cards to stock my mailbox. Wedged between bills and advertisements, I always smile when I spy a colorful envelope poking out of the stack.

I love the simplicity and the thoughtfulness evoked from cards. Since the practice of writing letters and sending cards has died with e-mail and phone calls, a handwritten card or letter exhales, "just an extra way to say I was thinking of you" as you slide it out of the envelope- no matter what it says. The same message could have also brightened my day had it been posted on my Facebook wall, but to hold the message in my hands- to hold something tangible, no technology can provide that authenticity.

{thank you, Britt}

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